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June 2019 Meeting Report

Our June 2019 meeting was a bit quiet compared to past years. Nevertheless, we had a grand time with the Jim Hart Excellence in Magic Competition. Four magicians stepped up to share their work.

Michael Healy had a batch of number cards that were seemingly fairly mixed then dealt into 6 piles. When each top card was flipped over, they matched the numbers on a lottery ticket that Michael had purchased that very day.

Doug Thornton took the stage with the Super Mentalism deck from Tony Binarelli, where 3 cards were chosen, returned to the deck, and then Phil Schwartz – not Doug – revealed the names of the cards.

Tom Durnin used Dueling Banjos as the background music for his dueling magic performance. It was a Do As I Do routine that included Rope to Silk, Vanishing Silk and Topsy Turvy Bottles.

Chris Smith performed the Famous Norm Rosen 2 Coin Trick. Sometimes the old is new again.

The results? First Place, Michael; Second, Tom; Third, Chris. Bob Simek might have had a chance this time. Where was he?

Our hearts and thoughts go out to our S.A.M. 161 member Gene Nebel who lost his best friend this past July, Barbara Mende. Barbara attended many of our meetings and was always a great audience for our magic. Sometimes we have to find the right person to have as a helper and Barbara always was a great choice. Our club, Assembly 161, as well as Assembly 168, will miss her.

Please visit our fun group of magicians soon! David Copperfield would if he wasn't so busy, so why not visit in his place!

Dinner's at 5:30, meeting starts at 7:30 - 2nd Monday, September through June.

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