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We offer two forms of membership.  The first is for those who will be attending the meetings in person.  The second is for those who prefer to attend our meetings through Zoom.  Both are described in detail below:


In Person Membership - Annual dues are $25 - collected in September of each year with an additional $10 charged for lecture nights. (In person members have the option of attending by Zoom at no additional fee.)Guests are always welcome. Guest fees ($15) are collected for lecture meetings.  At non-lecture meetings, guests are welcome for free.

Zoom Membership - The annual fee for Zoom members is $20 (US Dollars) with no extra fees for lectures viewed over Zoom.  This will enable Zoom members to attend 9 of our 10 calendar meetings.  (The missing meeting is our December 2nd Holiday Party which will not be Zoomed).  Zoom non-member guests will be allowed to participate in Zoom lectures for a $15/lecture fee. Visitors must prepay for the lecture by contacting Greg Ferdinand at


Please indicate on your dues payment whether you will be a Zoom member or an on-site member. Regardless of which membership you choose, please also provide your Zoom ID as well. Beginning in September we will screen Zoom meeting admissions. 


Dues payments by check should be made out to:  Card, Coin & Crystal and sent to:


Gregory Ferdinand

10 Chelsea Drive

Randolph, NJ   07869

If you intend to pay using PayPal, please contact Greg at  by email prior to making your payment. The PayPal address is

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