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If you live in the southern part of the world, your winter is approaching while here in New Jersey, warm weather is peeking around the corner. We are still staying indoors for our Zoom gatherings, but next month the laptop might make a visit to the backyard. In April Adam Wilber visited - you may have seen him fool Penn & Teller on “Fool Us” but if you haven’t, please do once you’ve read this report. (It’s on YouTube.) By the way, we are so lucky to have had “Fool Us” performers visit us in person in past years and now via the internet. As mentioned on Adam’s website, he presents “magic that entertains, excites, and inspires.” Adam proved that sharing his boundless energy and enthusiasm.

He opened with a bunch of false shuffles that produced the four aces, climaxing with the cards in rows of new suit order. In a variation of McDonald’s Aces, he cast his daughter in the center of the story, titling it “Alina’s Dream” where she and her three best friends are the four queens. “In Case of Emergency” is a marketed variation of Card to Box with a sharp-looking “emergency” case that has a clever gimmick inside. “What Where When Why” is also a marketed item, but Adam taught us how to easily make up the trick. In this effect the spectator names one of four cards and it’s the right one. You never know the final outcome as this routine progresses, so you do need to ad lib. (Or is that “Adam lib”? No matter. It’s a fine trick with fun twists.)

Adam loves stuff with magnets. And he likes splitting things, like business cards, aces, business cards, and man, did he show us some fun stuff! He gave us a free download (as well as other notes) on how to discover the love of magnets and splitting stuff, including a one dollar bill to $10 then $100.

Adam then showed a video performance of a passion project, Coffee Cups and Beans. Yes, we have seen countless versions of this classic but never like this. Adam then showed us all the details of the cups, the oversize faux beans, as well as the loading system which produces a sea of coffee beans. A fun variation.

To close the night, Adam shared his thoughts on performance and especially engaging with your audience. He spoke from experience, and we all hope we can take his advice and become better magicians in every way. (And now, please check out Adam’s “Fool Us” performance!)


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