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As far as we know, Myles Thornton is not directly related to your SAM161 correspondent, but that’s still being investigated. While we await the DNA results, let us be clear that his lecture was engaging, consisting of magic, and one other artistic venture, which we’ll tell you about at the end of this month’s report. Zooming in from Great Britain, Myles began with some finger ring magic. First was Impromptu Assassin, inspired by Rune Klan. This is Myles' go-to routine that is jam-packed with tons of visual moments and is a great lesson in sleight of hand and misdirection. In the effect called Back in Time, a ring fades away from the fingertips and travels back in time onto the ring finger. 

Next, we were mesmerized by Myles’ take on the Muscle Pass without doing the Muscle Pass. It’s called Anti-Gravity Ring. (It can also be utilized with a pen or sharpie.) In the Gypsy Vanish, he pretended to make a ring disappear by sticking it under his arm, but it was all smoke and mirrors without the smoke and mirrors!

Coin magic? You say you wonder if he showed some coin magic? Myles covered that too. He shared his Click Transfer handling, referencing Curtis Kam and Eric Jones. (We always appreciate references; it shows true passion for learning and teaching.)

Myles Thornton's Full Circle is his worker coin routine, which is terrific since it only uses one pocket, is packed full of visual magic, has built in comedy, eliminates the need to carry a big clunky jumbo coin, and resets.

After a 10-minute break, Myles talked about how at 11 years old he was influenced by David Stone, back when David spoke mostly his native French. David gave him some videos which were dubbed in English. And then Myles wowed us with his 3 Coins to Pocket using no gimmicks and his Upside-Down Retention move. 

To close, he dazzled with Contact Juggling using a ball that appears to be glass but is made of acrylic. He said he uses this skill to attract an audience, though he is sometimes booked just to perform walkaround Contact Juggling. Our trivia treat was learning that Michael Moschen did the mystical crystal ball manipulations for David Bowie in the film Labyrinth. Thanks for reading!

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