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Thanks For Your Help

We are happy that we have been able to continue our virtual SAM 161 meetings and thank you for your participation.  In furtherance of our efforts, we’re soliciting your help in the form of voluntary contributions to offset future fees charged by our lecturers.


This is a completely voluntary program.  No one is obligated to contribute, and the amount you contribute is entirely up to you.  We are optimistic that your contributions will allow us to sustain our monthly lecture programs without having to assess Assembly dues or individual lecture fees.


Contributions can be made directly through PayPal using the button below.  


Contributions may also be made by check made out to Card, Coin & Crystal and sent to:

Gregory Ferdinand

10 Chelsea Drive

Randolph, NJ  07869


In advance, thank you for your consideration.

Doug Thornton, President

Topher Sutton, Vice President

Greg Ferdinand, Treasurer

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